Why You Shouldn’t Consider Building an Online Store with Opencart

Facts Check:

First why is it a great platform. I personally have a great admiration for Daneil Kern and the team who is helping him improve the best free ecommerce platform.

  • One of the best free ecommerce platforms, great way to bootstrap
  • Breadcrumbs and URLs dynamically change depending on the path (direct, via homepage, via a directory)
  • A fundamentally wrong approach to product options organization that will really get you in trouble with updating product inventory to the point that you will start hating it and will put your competitors ahead of you in Google. And while for may other missing features there is a solution this one is a real blocker.
    • As if the same T-shirt is magically changing its color Not taking into an account that each option is a different physical product with its own SKU and UPC
  • You need tons of extensions. Is it out of the box? A lot of features need polishing (shipping, import/export, no schema markup)
  • No easy way to update product option availability. Available product quantities are not dependent of its options quantities.

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