Weebly eCommerce Review

Weebly ecommerce review


Online Store Builder for Start Ups and Small Shops

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Weebly eCommerce Overview

Weebly is a paid website builder specializing on eCommerce websites. Online store plans start as low $8.


Weebly eCommerce Highlights


Weebly eCommerce offers a fully customizable store for businesses of any size

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With Weebly you get one of the most feature-rich solutions for selling physical products online

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Choose from a wide variety of stunning and professionally created templates to stand out from other stores.

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Weebly eCommerce Full Review

It is clear that Weebly eCommerce has one of the simplest eCommerce website building services on the internet. If you want to create a professional looking yet easy to set up and scalable eCommerce website without too much hard work, Weebly eCommerce is the service you want to use. You can actually build a website on Weebly eCommerce in minutes without going though the learning curve, that you will have to face on similar website building sites like WordPress or Squarespace.

Outside of Bigcommerce and Shopify, both of which are dedicated to helping clients set up online stores only, the eCommerce tools offered by Weebly are some of the best online. It is no wonder that more than 88,000 people have opted for Weebly eCommerce to build their eCommerce stores.

What is special about Weebly eCommerce?

Weebly offers a number of innovative features like shopping cart/checkout, mobile store, search engine optimization, filtering of products, flexible shipping, apps for iPhone and Android, inventory management and more.

Moreover, Weebly eCommerce is also one of the few website builder sites that allows clients to build dedicated, standalone pages for products. You can insert multiple images- one main image and sub images under the main image in the form of small icons. If you take your cursor over the image, it zooms in- a useful feature to allow customers to take a closer look at a product before they decide to buy it. Weebly eCommerce also gives website owners greater control over product variations- you can offer various sizes and colors in your product.

Another innovative feature is the storefront page. Weebly eCommerce has an option to include a Storefront page, where you can show products you want to highlight. Think about what it can do for your seasonal sales, promotions and best sellers. Just one click on any of the products on this page and the customer will be directly taken to the page where the product is on sale.

Does Weebly eCommerce have any drawbacks?

On the other hand, if your eCommerce needs are complex, Weebly is not for you. We mean if you are going to sell lots of products, then Weebly is not advanced enough to handle them. However it is possible to integrate third party extensions into your Weebly eCommerce site, to enable such experiences. The number of high quality templates are also limited- they are nowhere near the number you will find on a bigger site like WordPress. Here also, you can make up with third party templates. Another drawback of the Weebly eCommerce platform is that the blog functions are basic.

Final words. Weebly eCommerce gets you pretty close to the rich website experience, once the mainstay of major eCommerce websites only. The charges are lower than what Squarespace charges for its service and it is not so (not yet!) crowded as WordPress. If you are going to launch your online shop soon, you can certainly give Weebly a try.