3D Cart Review

3d cart review


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3D Cart Stores Overview

Established over 20 years ago 3D Cart is an eCommerce website builder that offers a vast majority of eCommerce tools to start and grow a successful online business.


3D Cart Highlights


3D Cart is a perfect solution for those who expect rapid growth of their business in the future.

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Extra features provide a great way to utilize the best of both worlds

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3D Cart has one of the best capabilities to integrate with 3rd party applications and services.

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3D Cart Full Review

3D Cart Integrations

3D Cart offers a number of built-in and on-demand integrations. Here’s an overview of the most important features available from this Shopping cart vendor:


3D cart offers real time shipping rates for major shipping carriers and shipping label printing on all price plans.

Shopping Feeds

Google Shopping feeds integration is included on all 3D Cart online store builder plans and with 3D Cart shopping feeds integration apps you can start selling your products through Amazon, and through other shopping platforms. 3D Cart continues to work on more automation for feeds and they are adding more apps in this area. We are expecting to see even more automation with feeds as more and more online stores seek more ways to gain exposure for their products. An invaluable integration with Go Data Feed that allows access dozens of shopping engines, all from under one admin is also available as a monthly subscription via 3D Cart’s App Store.

Facebook Store

It is a great feature and not many shopping carts have this feature. We would also say that for any business owner whether B2C or B2B, you need to have your products and services front and center with the millions that are currently using Facebook. Besides having a viral effect, it’s very cost effective versus other types of marketing. If your not currently selling your products on facebook you are leaving money on the table and if you aren’t actively engaging your target market, I can promise you your compeitors will be.

Also keep in mind that Facebook is constantly changing rules and adding new ones. When looking for this type of feature, ensure you are working with a company that stays on top of the latest trends and updates. The last thing you need is an outdated plugin or feature that doesn’t even work. 3D Cart and Facebook Store feature is available on all plans. Keep in mind that you can purchase a 3D Cart Facebook Design Package in which they will install and design your facebook store as well as link it to your online store.

Group Deals

3D Cart offers an integration with Groupon on their Plus plan to enable creating group deals.

3D Cart Features

3D Cart is continuously expanding the number of available features to ensure business success of their customers. Clients are also encouraged to ask for more features on 3D Cart’s Uservoice Forum.

3D Cart SEO Features

Built-in eCommerce SEO tools aren’t always found in many hosted eCommerce website builders. 3D Cart is an out-of-the-box SEO-friendly online store builder that incorporates SEO best practices and tools including:

  • Responsive Themes
  • Fast Page Load Times
  • SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Customizable Page Titles
  • Customizable Meta Descriptions
  • Search-Friendly Website Navigation
  • Ability to Build Search-Friendly Taxonomy
  • 301 Redirects
  • Page Canonicalization
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt management
  • Customizable HTML Page mark-up
  • Customizable Alt Tags
  • Integrated Blog
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Schema.org Markup

Inventory Management

3D Carts Inventory Management system has the ability to track inventory in a way that counts each product option as a separate product. You simply need to enable the advanced options feature withing 3D Cart’s Inventory Tracking System to track each product option’s inventory.

Payment Gateways

eCommerce Payment Gateway Integrations. Every online business needs to be able to accept credit cards. 3D Carts Merchant Services and huge list of over 100 Payment Gateways gives you a great deal of flexibility to do business online. 3D Cart is integrated with more payment gateways than any other “Hosted eCommerce Solution” and adding more all the time. 3D Cart continues to integrate with more foreign payment gateways to attract new clients and diversify their offering.

PCI Compliance

eCommerce PCI Compliance is extremely important and something you should consider when looking for the best eCommerce website builder for your online business. 3D Cart’s PCI Compliance policy is very solid. 3D Cart became PCI DDS Complaint in 2009 and has been successfully recertified as being PCI compliant every year since. The PCI security standards ensure that a company is able to safeguard customers sensitive data and payment information. All systems must be protected from unauthorized access from the Internet. 3D Cart tracks and monitors all access to network resources and cardholder data plus regularly test security systems and processes.

3D Autoresponders and Automated e-Mail Marketing

The Email Marketing Newsletters feature is available on Plus and Pro plans, but the 3d Autoresponder feature is available only on the Pro package and Enterprise plan.

Daily Deals

With 3D Cart’s Daily Deals feature you can and how to increase sales by offering daily specials. This awesome feature allows you to setup up daily deals that highlight products that you need to sell. The 3d Daily Deals feature is available starting with Plus package

3D Feedback

3D Cart Feedback is another “nice to have” feature of this store builder avaialable as a module. It enables you to build better customer relationships, boost conversions and grow your customer list by engaging your website visitors to submit feedback and contact details.

Make An Offer Feature

Don’t let bargain-hunters leave your site just because of price. Engage them instead by letting them name their own price with 3D Cart’s Make An Offer feature, an auction-like way to sell your products in a competitive eCommerce niche. The 3d Make An Offer feature is available starting with the Plus package.

3D Cart Design

Free and Paid Themes

3D Cart offers dozens of free design templates to help you build your online store. There are other companies that definitely have better designed templates so 3D Cart should look into upgrading a lot of their templates. While they have gotten better, there still isn’t a variety you can see on Wix. As an example, there isn’t one with a soft sale approach as almost all of the templates are strictly store focues which may not fit everyone’s vision or marketing approach to their online store.

Custom Design

Not to worry though, we’ve found 3D Cart’s Design team to be extremely skilled and creative in designing custom designs for their clients. In comparsion to the other more popular shopping carts such as Volusion and Big Commerce, 3D Cart’s Design Prices are very competitive as well. Though they sell things a la carte too, they showcase packages that include the important design elements needed for a good “eCommerce Web Design” and are heavily discounted. Here are some websites that were designed by 3D Cart Web Designers. Notice the ability to take a 3D Cart template and create almost any type of website that you want. It should also be noted that unlike some of their competitors, 3D Cart does give you full access to the html and css of your site.

3D Cart Support

After speaking directly with a 3D Cart Support Specialist to help get a question answered, it seems that they have expanded their support staff and instituted polices to help deliver even better service which is great. 3D Cart’s Customer Support team is available 24/7 which is unheard of in the eCommerce industry simply because it’s such a resource intensive service. They do not outsource any of their support either which is worth noting. In comparison, some other companies use outsourced call centers and have had several reviews of people waiting more than 40 minutes on hold.

3D Cart Pricing

3D Cart was known for having bandwidth outage charges issue in the past. Customers who were making a few sales a month were charged over $200 dollars in addition to their monthly service fee just because a random bot crawled their website or the quality of your home page banner was too high. For the lack of a better word this pricing model seemed scetchy to many of their customers and resulted in loosing hundreds of accounts to Shopify. The outage charges model is neither ethical nor worth loosing clients to competitors. After reviewing 3D Cart pricing, it was nice to see that they have completely revamped their pricing model and packages. They now have three unlimited eCommerce website builder plans ranging from $29 to $229 a month, each offering unlimited bandwidth, no transaction fees, unlimited products and orders.

In addition to these three plans they now have a Start Up Plan at only $19/mo with all the features of their basic plan you can have up to 500 products and sell up to $10,000 a year and an enterprise plan for large businesses.