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How VoIP Can Benefit E-commerce Businesses

There is a new landline replacement technology taking the world by storm. For years carriers have been telling businesses that the only way to get quality phone calls was through outdated and pricey landlines, we think that is wrong.

The landline technology was launched 20 years ago and it cost a fortune to set up. Then, with time as the infrastructure started to deteriorate, instead of using the funds to upgrade landlines, carriers invested in mobile cell towers and internet connections.

Now the landline technology is hardly supported. Yet carriers are still charging businesses with sky-high prices. Lucky experts have developed a new hybrid phone system that gives you higher quality calls at a massive discount. This new technology is known as VoIP; it is quite simply voice over internet protocol.

Smaller and even bigger business are now switching to a VoIP based phone service. This is mainly because:

  • Instead of using old and unreliable telephone lines your calls go through lightning-fast internet cables.
  • With a VoIP system, you get an internet business number that you can forward calls from to your personal phone or perhaps landline. You can even use Desktop or Laptop to make or receive calls.
  • Instead of using old and unreliable telephone lines your calls go through lightning-fast internet cables.
  • With VoIP or more commonly known as business phone services, you will get crystal clear audio, voice mail transcriptions and cheaper international calling. All vitally important when running a successful eCommerce business.

Here’s the best part; compared to landline bills, VoIP comes at the fraction of a cost. In order to leverage the power of a VoIP based phone service make sure you are selecting the right provider. But you might be wondering how does all this technology work out in favor of your eCommerce business?

Benefits of Using VoIP for E-commerce

Variety of Choice

You can get a local number for the local presence or a toll-free number for a national presence. Calls to a toll-free number are at no cost to the caller. You can even choose a vanity number for your eCommerce store marketing purposes. For e.g., if you own a camping product store, you can get a number ending with Camp. This makes your business stand out from every competitor out there.

Low Priced

Long-distance calling (and the cost of doing business globally) has been democratized. The per-minute calling rate is significantly reduced by not using analog phone lines. A cheapest plan of VoIP service starts at $8 per month/user. This allows to reduce expense burden from your small business.

VoIP Allows Mobility

VoIP allows for much greater mobility in the workplace. Calls don’t have to be taken from a desk phone. Plus IP technologies are accessible via smartphones. So working from home, or that park across the street is also possible.

Seamless integration

VoIP technologies can be intricately connected to your other cloud-based technologies such as HubSpot, Zendesk and more. Customer management, sales, chat, and email tools are just the beginning. This connectivity makes for better tracking, informed conversations, and a more productive workforce.

Improved Workflow

Better workflow integration is what you can expect by having a VoIP service in place. These services have the capability to merge different tools in a single view. Since sales and customer support staff are crowded with keeping track of their email, chats to CRM software, follow up notes and calls. A VoIP system in place helps in working faster and smarter.

Improved Customer Service

Online shopping is increasing and a statistic reveals that eCommerce retail purchases are expected to surge from 14.1% to 22% in 2023.

The convenience online shopping provides, raises the customer expectations benchmark for customer service as well.  Therefore a VoIP based business phone service allows an eCommerce store to solve their customer issues on the go, irrespective of store hours. Even if you are short on men’s power, an auto-attendant and music on hold come handy.

Business phone services are a growing need of the hour, it is advised to start switching over VoIP from your usual landline to scale your eCommerce business.

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