How to Win Back Lost Customers with Targeted Content

The relationship between businesses and customers should go beyond simple monetary transactions. Even when your customers switch sides and go to your competitors, you shouldn’t stop thinking about them. People respond to genuine concern, and showing you care will only work in favor of your business. 

So, you may want to pay close attention to your previous customer who never returned. That’s one of the sure ways to target them and get them back. Before you dismiss the idea, it’s worth noting that a report shows that 26% of customers return for double the time with the right campaign. 

So grab your pen and paper. Let’s look at five ways you can stand out from competitors with targeted content, and attract lost customers. 

Discover why the customer left

Before anything else, you have to figure out the root cause of customer unhappiness in your company. What exactly drove your customers away? If you can honestly and accurately answer this question, you’ll be well on your way to regain their trust with targeted content. 

Some of the common reasons customers part ways with companies include:

  • Bad experience
  • Forgot about your product
  • Too expensive
  • Product difficult to understand

Try to find ways of getting in touch with former customers. Some will be willing to talk about their experience with your services or products. Dig deeper by using surveys and reliable feedback loops. 

Select your win-back customers well

When retargeting lapsed customers, it’s crucial to note that not all of them are worth the trouble. You want to use your resources as wisely as possible. That’s part of the reason why researching your customers and knowing why they left you is so essential. 

Otherwise, they’ll offer your business insufficient revenue, or worse, churn again. 

You can prevent these scenarios with a customer success platform. That can provide you with valuable data on when and how long the customer used your products or services. Overall, you can get insights to create actionable strategies to drive revenue and win back the right customers with your targeted content.

Offer incentives

You want lost customers to return for good reasons. 

The most effective way is by offering something they won’t be able to resist. What’s that thing consumers never seem to say no to? 

Source: Wordstream

Simple. Deals and discounts. 

You can use email marketing, Facebook, or Google Ads to promote these discounts and retarget prospects. That’s not to say you should restrict yourself to one option. Remember that the nature of your incentive will affect a returning customer’s behavior. 

One-time discounts promoted one any of these platforms may not sway previous customers to return to your business. However, a discount on the next four purchases may prove more effective. 

Promote any improvements

If your past client returns, they should come back to see improvements in your business. But as a savvy marketer, you don’t wait around for prospects, current, or lapsed customers to discover for themselves this is the case. Instead, you promote those improvements yourself. You can leverage blogs and use social media platforms to tell the right people about product updates or new services. 

Promoting these improvements doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how Playstation did it:

Source: Twitter

All PlayStation did was write a one-liner and insert a relevant picture. Look at how many people reacted to something as simple as that.

Work With Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can provide indirect boosts to your winback campaigns. Affiliates can promote your content through various marketing channels. For example, many affiliates will promote your product or service offerings through a website, or via paid channels like Google Ads or Facebook, for instance.

One of the great things about working with affiliates is that you can leverage their audience or skills to generate sales and reach past customers. Partnering with affiliates is a great growth strategy and has proven important for many companies.

Evaluate the campaign

Monitoring the performance of your win-back campaign helps keep resources and expectations on track. Find a platform that can help you streamline the reports on the progress of your campaign. Metrics like the amount spent on customer reactivation and the number of customers added should be made readily available. 

Another essential outcome you want to evaluate is the amount of revenue a customer brings to your business after you re-engage them. 

Finally, it would be best if you calculated the reactivation rate of the entire campaign, expressed in percentage. That determines the overall performance of your strategies. 

In Closing

Irrespective of your niche or industry, churn is something that’s inevitable. However, this doesn’t mean you should accept your past customers as lost. Instead, look for ways to improve your customer retention model. 

In this article, I shared with you tips on how you can use targeted content to win back lost customers. Know why the customer left, select your win-back customers well, and offer customer retention incentives. Promote any improvements in your business and lastly, evaluate your campaign.

Follow these tips and you’ll win back what you have lost, hopefully, never to lose them again.

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