How to Create Focused Emails That Convert With the Inverted Pyramid Method

One of the biggest problems that business owners regularly encounter is having to attract and keep the attention of their target audience long enough for the potential customers to get to the purchase itself. This is often the result of your content being much worse than it should be to accomplish such goals. However, the issue may be different. Perhaps you are using the wrong methods for writing your content – specifically your emails.

This is why you should try the inverted pyramid method which will help you create focused emails and increase your conversions. Hence, here’s how to create focused emails that convert with the inverted pyramid method.

What Is the Inverted Pyramid Method?

First of all, what exactly is the inverted pyramid method? To put it simply, the inverted pyramid method is a three-stage approach that helps you create more focused and effective emails that will grab the attention of your audience and guide them to making a conversion. The method is broken down into three parts:

  • Grab Attention: At this stage, which is the top of the inverted pyramid (the wider part), you grab the attention of your target audience. Various techniques can be used to do this.
  • Build Anticipation: At the next stage, which is in the middle of the pyramid, you build anticipation for what’s to come by using different techniques and specifically content.
  • Call to Action: At the last stage, you use a call to action to make your potential customer make a purchase or perform an action that will count as a conversion.

The inverted pyramid method is not only applied to the text in your email but rather your entire email. The content, visuals, and the overall design of the email should work together to achieve the effect you want. Moreover, the method helps you create a certain focus or direction in your email. Here’s how to use the method:

#1 Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Before you start applying the method, you should first understand your audience’s needs. Knowing your target audience is not enough, because you should also be able to identify their interests, needs, and pain points among other things to create emails that address these aspects. Explore all of these elements for every segment of your target audience so that you can create focused emails for each target group.

#2 Grab Readers’ Attention

Now that you are definitely ready to begin, you can proceed to the first stage of the method – grabbing readers’ attention. This starts from the subject line, but once your reader opens the email, they should be hooked. A good idea would be to start with some kind of visual (like a photo or illustration). You can include a short piece of text to this part, but even just using a visual piece of content will be enough.

#3 Build Up Anticipation for the Offer

At the next stage, you need to build anticipation for the offer by providing information about it in an intriguing and valuable way. If you are applying the method to your overall email marketing strategy, this stage will mean that you need to send informative emails to them without asking for much in return. If you are applying it to the email itself, use this section to explain what the email is about and what you are offering.

#4 Add A Powerful Call to Action

For the last stage of the method, you need to add a powerful call to action. The CTA should be added at the end of the email and should be the synthesis of everything you have included before it throughout the email. You can use visuals here as well, but a piece of text that stands out can be just as effective.

#5 Edit, Send Out, and Improve Emails

Last but not least, remember to edit your emails before sending them out. Proofread everything and make sure that you get the best version you can. After you send out the emails, track their performance and later improve the emails if you see that something isn’t working as well as you would want it to.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, using the inverted pyramid method can help you significantly increase your email conversion rates. However, to make this strategy effective, you must first learn how to execute it and practice thoroughly. Use the tips from this article to get you started with this method and help develop the right skills for creating focused emails.

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