How To Be “Limitless” In Business

In 2011 a popular movie starring the ever-so-talented Bradley Cooper came out called Limitless. In it Bradley Cooper’s character was introduced to a “magic” pill that enabled him to access 100% of his brain and suddenly this struggling writer became a financial pro.

Imagine that? The ability to work at optimum levels so much so that you exceed all limitations. There are certain steps in real life that will make you feel limitless. All you need do is try them out:

1.   Belief

You are whatever your mind believes. Whatever you feed your mind shows in your daily actions. You can have a positive belief system that makes you work harder and with more confidence or you can feed your mind with negative affirmations which make you feel like you are drowning and getting nowhere. Motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins and Les Brown all speak about the power of the mind and how it got them to where they are today. Louise Hay spoke about positive affirmations all her life and how they affect you. Take the time to research these “authorities of the mind”. Lisa Nichols and Cheri Tree are also great to listen to for a feminine perspective.

2. Supplements

There are certain supplements out there that will add more “oomph” to your day. These supplements will help you concentrate and work more efficiently. They will boost your energy levels so that you will literally jump out of bed everyday ready to conquer the world. Omega-3s are known to be brilliant for concentration and good brain functioning and mood. There are also ‘brain-boosting’ supplements such as Research Verified Brain Booster which optimizes cognitive energy. Its 100% natural ingredients improve memory, increase focus as well as clarity and enhances attention as well as perception. Furthermore, it stimulates and boosts energy increasing motivation and drive while addressing the long term requirements to maintain long term positive cerebral health.

3. Sharpen Your Skills

There is no such thing as luck. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” according to Roman philosopher Seneca. There are so many opportunities to sharpen your skills – especially with online courses. There are even online universities such as University Of The People which costs next to nothing and offers degrees in business and computer science including an MBA degree. With more skills under your belt the more opportunities you will have and the better you will be able to perform, especially once you have mastered your craft.

4. Get Financially Savvy

Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” first published in 1997 revolutionized the way people thought of and handled their money. Suze Orman also gives great advice – especially to young women with regards to handling their finances. Tony Robbins studied the top earners of today limiting his studies only to people who literally came from nothing and built their way to the top. His book “Money, Master The Game” published on November 18, 2014 shows the exact steps that need to be taken to have financial control in your life and ways to work towards accumulating long-term wealth.

5. Learn to Connect

Sometimes in business it’s not what you know but literally who you know that gets you ahead. Forming friendships with colleagues can only see you go far. Lewis Howes is a LinkedIn expert and shows how connecting online can get you really far. He even wrote a very inspirational book called “The School Of Greatness” first published in 2015 shows how you can have a greater, happier and more limitless kind of life.

So there you go – 5 big steps in acquiring a more limitless life. Go forth and conquer the day, never give up on yourself, push ahead in business and be the most brilliant, limitless you that you can be!

About the author: Sidney R

Sidney is an editor and copywriter for Top Online Store Builders, covering topics ranging from starting an online store from scratch to all aspects of ecommerce marketing and cyber-security. When not writing, Sidney can be found hiking, traveling or surfing.

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