How Google Analytics Helps in Scaling Up Businesses

For website traffic, it is tough to know the effectiveness of the marketing strategy you are following and to get when to change it. The abundance of data has made it tough to comprehend where to find the most critical metrics. The businesses that keep their audience on priority and follow the effective marketing strategies should know how to use Google Analytics data to the best. Google Analytics is an essential tool for webmasters, website owners, and SEO agencies. Google Usage Analytics Statistics are shown in the below figure.

More than 40 million sites are using Google Analytics, and these figures are regularly increasing for almost a decade.

But, the sad part is that most of the website owners do not have a clue about how Google Analytics could be beneficial. Using Google Analytics to the best, you can get relevant insights about who is visiting your website. Other details such as how they perceive there in the first place, which type of pages they like to see the most etc. This type of data can turn out to be the best way to improve your business strategy.

Why Use Google Analytics?

The first and foremost thing is that Google Analytics proffers the insights that are extremely helpful in scaling up your business.  It is not about some informative blog or some leading online store, knowing the business aspect is a must.  Here, Google Analytics comes into play. For any business, knowing the customer behave is important so that only the liked services and products can sell.

It enables the businesses to understand and track the customer behavior – such as, what they prefer the most, their likes and dislikes,  and if you are fulfilling their needs or not. Google Analytics is authorizing you to apply its technology to study or examine online businesses to provide better services to the customers.

Scale-up your business with Google Analytics

Know Visitors Preferred Browser

By far, Google Chrome is the favored browser with approximately 60% of the users all around the sphere. And, 40% are those who are using some other browsers.

Hence, it is important to know which browsers are mostly preferred by the visitors and assure that your website is absolutely functional with that browser. And, if any case, the website is not compatible with the browsers, like, Microsoft edge, firefox or safari, then there are more chances are you can lose the potential customers and business profits.

Set Up the Website Goals

Similar to some other critical measures of your business, knowing the goals of your website are also important. From google analytics, you can set up the goals according to the actions that you want the user should take. Few of them are – asking the visitor to register on the newsletter or complete the purchase.

Google Analytics computes the percentage of visitors automatically that are reaching the desired goals. It’s a reliable tool that quickly describes whether you are fulfilling the aims of your business.

Know How Long the Visitors are Staying

Generating traffic to the website is the first and foremost step in getting profitable results.  When visitors visit your website, it becomes important to know how long they are staying on the website or how much time they are taking to leave. Check out the bounce rate- that is knowing the visitors who are leaving your website without even checking the second page of your website.

It shows how long the visitors are engaging in the content of your websites. Besides, examining the bounce rate, google analytics also gives you the statistics related to the overall time of your website (on a particular page or a whole site).  And, if you find that there is a lot of bounce rate, then it would be better if you will amend your website design.

Know the Reasons for Traffic

The referring website can give you a view of how the users are approaching your website. Though, search engines are the easiest way and are the known reason for traffic for several websites. Some might get a reference from some other websites. When you get traffic in immeasurable amounts on your website, it is important to check it out. Use Google Analytics and examine if this spate is from a similar website again or if there is any other reason for that.

Google Ranking

It is known to everyone that keywords play a significant role in driving traffic to your website.  But, what about increasing the traffic to the next level?

Knowing that some particular keywords are the reasons for traffic on the website and are liable for showing you up on page two on Google, then get your position the page one.

In most of the cases, the difference in page one and page two is just a matter of some amendments. So, try to develop the on-page SEO, such as linking the page from some other website places, adding the keywords more time, or inserting some images.

Another thing that you can opt for is that you can register to the Google Ads and begin a pay-per-click campaign for the targetted keywords.

Mostly-liked Products and Services

Knowing the customers’ likes and dislikes can engage them more than the usual percentage. You can provide them the new offers and discounts on the same products that they like the most with Google Analytics. Conversely, if the customer is interested in only one product, then you can give them complimentary items that are similar to that.

While building the business, you can get more advantage from this way from the existing customers and can attract new ones.

Reasons for Visitors Leaving

Find out the reasons why visitors are moving to other websites. Know- which pages are allowing them to leave, where they are finding more engaging content etc. What you can do is that- you can make better Call-to-Action (CTA) or insert links to some other places on the websites.

It will let you know what the audience is not liking about your website and is not keeping them stay for longer. SEO optimizer and Google website optimizer can be used to boost the web pages performance.

Know Your Competition

Google Analytics relates your website with the immediate competition. Nevertheless, this information is not truly 100% true because of the reason that every business is not using Google Analytics. But, some proportion can be determined.

Check the benchmark tab to know how much your visitors are getting engaged than your competition and for how long they are staying at your website. Practising this, you can get to know the major areas where improvements are required.

Understand the Keywords

We all are confident that we know those phrases and words that can generate more traffic to the website. But, the actual scene can only be revealed by Google analytics. From here, you can get an idea about the most relevant keywords that are powerful enough to help the visitors to consider your website. This way, you will not only know the rate at which the visitors are searching the keywords but also how they are searching or what they are looking at your website.

For instance:

  • For how much time are they staying at your website;?how many pages are they visiting;?
  • Is your website approached by new or existing visitors;?
  • Is that keyword convert them into customers, etc.? After comprehending this information, you can check it with the other information to create essential website segment keywords and tweaks.

Know your Customer

Understand that the customer is also important. Find out the patterns in their actions and segment them a similar way you are segmenting and stuffing your keywords. You can discover that the visitors who are coming to your website after checking your reviews can get converted even if they have checked some pages.

Or, there are chances that the visitors are following some different funnel from the website then you had expected. Or, you can discover that they require more information regarding the products before making a purchase. Or, they need more trust measures. After examining the analytics and matching their activities and paths, you can settle yourself more actively and target them to improve their experience towards your website.

Examine the Offline Success

Now everything is executing online. But, some other aspects, such as conversing at local workshops, participating in events in the community, generating new commercials or brochures for local television should be considered, these are offline tasks you do. Google Analytics also can assist you in knowing these success rates as well. Several ways can be followed to do that. Such as, maybe you choose to settle several URLs for print ads and radio to enable you to track which promotional approach was more successful.

Else, you can practice radio promotion to help visitors for searching a particular search term and observe that activity. Or you can sneak which keywords visitors are mostly using to locate you and relate them to offline actions. Only if something is executing offline, it does not mean that you cannot follow them; google analytics is here to track that.

Wrapping Up

Google analytics assist you in checking what actually is happening inside your website and enabling you to acknowledge to it or to the customers. In this article, we have mentioned how Google analytics is beneficial for your business.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there is any related query, then let us know in the comment section below. Or if you are using Google analytics for long than sharing your experience with us.

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