Businesses That Are Blooming in Summer and How to Make Them Successful

Summer is a hot season in more than one way. Aside from the rising temperature, the activity is many business sectors is going up. People are generally busy and require a variety of services. This is a great time for aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into exciting opportunities.  There two basic approaches: starting something that will function only during summer or a project that can last the whole year, with the most active part being summer.

So, ready to launch your business and soak in the profit along with some sunrays? Well, you have to plan a bit ahead of time and do the research to see whether your idea really holds water. If you manage to blow the customers away, you can also turn it into more than a passing adventure.

Car washing

A business like this can perform well throughout the year, but in summer, it tends to fully flourish. People want their cars looking pristine and sparkly clean, despite heavy beating that their beloved vehicles endure from the sun and beach trips. Moreover, the good thing about summertime is that your car washing business is faced with fewer overhead costs.

In case you want to keep the investment to a minimum, provide only the basic washing services. If you are prepared to put more money into this endeavor, include detailing services for those who want to spruce up the interior of their four-wheelers.

Child Care


Once out of school, kids quickly grow restless and put their parents at their wit’s end. That is why the demand for child care services goes through the roof during summer. Basically, you watch over kids when their parents are at work and earn some cash charging per hour or day.

Sometimes, this kind of job involves driving the little ones to different outdoor activities like swimming and playing with other kids. Note that there is virtually no upfront investment needed here. All you need is free time, as well as a ton of patience and composure. If you like kids, then child care is a no-brainer. Finding several families in need of your service can make it a full-time obligation.



During hot summer days, people crave for refreshing beverages.  It is also peak tourist season in most countries around the globe. So, jump to the occasion. Be the go-to place for getting cool drinks by opening a café. Assemble a nice outdoor seating area and offer lemonades, cold bottled water, smoothies, ice-creams, and snow cones.

Come up with a great name and capture the attention of passersby and locals alike.  Make sure to protect people from the scorching sun using shade sails— they are quite easy to set up. And if you do not have enough cash to fund a café, you can go for a stand in a prime location. Set it up at local events that see heavy traffic for an extra revenue boost.

Home rental


Our next concept is tailored to those who own property in attractive tourist or vacation destinations.  As you may know, more and more crowds are looking for an authentic local experience that hotels cannot provide. To take advantage of this novelty trend, you do not need to break the bank buying a new apartment.

Simply rent extra rooms to people via online platforms in the league of Airbnb. To get this business idea off the ground, you might want to carry out some affordable renovation and redecoration projects. They can significantly boost the appeal and value of your accommodation. In addition, ask around to see if you can act as a middle-man between tourists and your friends, family, and neighbors.

Lawn, pool and yard maintenance

When the good weather rolls in, people flock to embrace outdoor living. They begin sprucing up exterior areas, including lawns and yards.  However, many of them have little to no time or will to take on maintenance tasks themselves. That is where you can step in and make their life easier.about:blank

For things like weed pulling, hedge shearing, bulb planting, landscaping and mowing, you only need some know-how and a bit of equipment. You can even use your home office to reach clients and strike deals. So, help people make the most of their time outside and boost their curb appeal— they will appreciate it and call you next summer again.

Get down to business

A time of traveling, sunshine, and celebrations can be a perfect period to hit the ground running with your business. This is a nice, more rewarding alternative to merely finding a summer job and earning pocket money. Yet, you cannot dive in completely unprepared. Assess your financial situation, skills, talents, and amount of free time in the schedule.

Do your homework, find your target market and check out the competition. Based on the acquired facts and figures, you need to create your business plan. With the ideas presented above, you might not be raking in millions, but that is fine. Start small, learn the ropes and scale up as you go. Take advantage of your summer off to helm a lucrative business project.

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