8 Strategic Printed Marketing Ideas for a Startup Business

If you own a startup business, you know that you have to aggressively make a good first impression on your potential clients.

It’s wise to prepare well with all the marketing materials that speak volumes about your business. Printed materials are one of the things you must be thinking of using in promoting your services. While it is undeniable that digital articles are mostly used in the industry, printed materials something you should not set aside. It gives off that tangible feeling that immediately connects you with your prospects.

You could be thinking of booklets printing, brochures, or other sorts of printed materials but there is more to printed materials than just that. As a startup business struggling to compete with those who are already known in the industry, you should come up with ways that will attract potential clients and customers. By crafting your print materials, they will be informed of your business and be given a lasting impression.

Here are printed marketing ideas that will move your business to another level.

1.   Brochures


You shouldn’t miss brochures if you are promoting your newly founded business because they share your brand with your audience. Through flyers, you can share your story. Brochures also help you introduce your products, point out essential selling points, and offer a visual guide about your mission.

Take this opportunity to share tricks, tips, and advice that will promote engagement in the future. The most important thing when creating your brochure is to make it stylish and colorful. Make sure the message is straight to the point and avoid putting sales pitches on them.

2. Business Cards


Would you like to create a sense of professionalism to your potential clients? Business cards also speak a lot about your business and creating an excellent first impression is crucial. Almost all business owners have business cards. And so should you.

So what will be your next step?about:blank

You need to create them but strive to be unique and the best.  Consider creating beautifully designed cards with a logo or icon of your business. They shouldn’t look too big or too small. The medium size is okay, too. It can easily fit in your wallets but will not easily get lost. They should have an impression of your business to remind these prospects where they met you.

Include your contact details and the URL of your website. Bear in mind that your clients will use it as their future reference.

3. Notepads

Few people think of notebooks when creating printed materials for businesses. They did not know that it can be helpful if they’re planning on hosting a trade show. Business owners use it as giveaways or freebies for those who attended their exhibitions.about:blank

You could take advantage of this opportunity and make it personal. On the notepad cover, you can include a logo of your business or event. You can add the contact details of your business at the bottom of the front cover of your notepad. 

4. Banners

Did you know that banners could give your business more visibility? You need to create eye-catching banners to help you make a statement. Make your message inspirational, dramatic and professional as well.

Include your logo and other information you would like to promote your business. With an impressive banner, you can achieve various goals after getting the attention of whoever comes across your banner.

5. Make use of table talkers

Did you know that aside from burners, you could also use table talkers? Table talkers are flexible display accessories that you can use for your business. This comes in handy if you are hosting a tradeshow. With their different faced designs, they are ideal for showing off everything about your business.

This is also proven to be helpful if you own a restaurant or pubs. Most restaurant owners use it to engage with their customers. They can ask their visitors to engage in questions using table talkers or highlight specific products and services. They are there to create a simple yet interactive and inviting display for people to read as they sit down waiting for something.

Make sure they are placed in an ideal spot where your customers are likely to sit or wait. 

6. Use Branded gifts

Have you considered incorporating promotional products as gifts when engaging with your clients? When closing a deal, did it ever occur to you to give gifts to your clients as a form of appreciation? You could consider finding something beneficial to your clients and relevant to your brand. It could be bags, cups, booklets, notebooks and pens, among other things. While creating these gifts, print them with details of your business.

6. Loyalty cards

You need to give your potential clients a reason for conducting business with you.  People will only come back to you if they feel they might benefit from your industry, like this research finds. That’s why you should be thinking of giving them loyalty cards. This card will help them whenever they purchase your products and services.

Ensure that your loyalty card offers them an exclusive deal that they wouldn’t want to miss. You can give them a free service or product for every fourth or fifth purchase. A loyalty card is enough for your visitors to visit your business premises.

7. Swag or promotional item

Would you like to stay on top of the mind of your visitors? You need Swag to achieve this goal. Consider offering something like beach balls, branded cinch bags or sunglasses. Aside from being a useful gift, it should be branded as well.

The reason why Swag stands out is that they are free. Your visitors will always remember that they got that free give away from you. This is important because they will remember your business as well. Consider choosing a gift that reflects your brand or has a logo of your company.

8. Postcards

Spread the word about your business using postcards. If you are not going to use brochures, you could supply your clients or prospects with postcards. When creating postcards, ensure that they are attention-grabbing and have a clear message.

Printed materials could boost your business if you use them in your business. Before choosing any material, ensure that you know what you want to achieve. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t include sales pitches in your printed materials. Focus more on connecting with your visitors and building trust.

About the author: Sidney R

Sidney is an editor and copywriter for Top Online Store Builders, covering topics ranging from starting an online store from scratch to all aspects of ecommerce marketing and cyber-security. When not writing, Sidney can be found hiking, traveling or surfing.

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