8 Best PDF Plugins for WordPress

PDF file format is a universal standard. The PDF files are read-only which cannot be edited without leaving an electronic footprint. Hence, this format is preferred for official purposes. Nowadays, there are many tools with the help of which you can generate PDF files. For example, PowerPoint presentations can be converted into PDF format by using PPT to PDF converter.

Moreover, PDF files are also used on websites for providing information about the company, products and promotional materials. You can engage the visitors on your website by using different PDF plugins. In many cases, you can enhance the user experience of your website by providing a PDF file. For example, a user may want to download a PDF document which they can read later on. So, for easy viewing and downloading of the PDF files, different plugins are required.

In this article, we have mentioned the top 8 PDF plugins for a WordPress site.

1. PDF Embedder

This plugin provides the cleanest way of presenting your PDF files on the website. Even if you do not want to invest in PDF plugins still there is nothing to worry about as the free version of this plugin contains almost all major features. It contains the regular navigation buttons and the quick upload button also.

You can also get the premium version for more advanced features like mobile-friendliness, a full-screen button and page jump technology.

Advantages of PDF Embedder

  • One simple click is required to download the file.
  • The PDF is adjusted automatically depending on the size of the screen.
  • For displaying the plugin, only JavaScript is used, hence it provides a smooth viewing experience.
  • The premium features like full-screen mode, PDF security, and continuous scrolling through pages are also available.
  • The premium version is not very expensive.

2. Google Doc Embedder

This plugin supports a lot of file types. There is no need of converting the files into Google Docs. Almost all of the features are available in the free version of the plugin.

Advantages of Google Doc Embedder

  • There is a quick embed button in the WordPress post editor. Hence, PDF can be added when you are writing something on the site.
  • Apart from PDF, it also supports many other file types like Word docs, PSDs, OTFs etc.
  • The plugin has the capability of translating into ten different languages.
  • If you want to work with shortcodes then this option is also available.

3. PDF Viewer for WordPress

You can get many features of WordPress PDF viewer by paying a small amount i.e., $ 17. Nowadays, it is one of the most powerful and feature enriched plugins in the market.

The plugin is very responsive so there is no issue of viewing the PDF files on different devices.

Advantages of PDF Viewer for WordPress

  • The plugin can be translated into more than 100 languages.
  • It can also be connected to Google Analytics in order to track that how many people read and download your PDFs.
  • The plugin also supports bookmarks and links.
  • Shortcodes are available if you want to insert PDFs that way.

4. PDF.js Viewer Shortcode

This plugin helps to display the PDF files in a beautiful manner. The frame of the plugin is very elegant and it has an amazing document outline for people to navigate from one page to another. The best thing is that this plugin is completely free.

Advantages of PDF.js Viewer Shortcode

  • The outline of the document shows content on each page,hence the user can go through the document easily.
  • This plugin contains customizable buttons.
  • This plugins also allow you to add passwords for your PDF files.

5. WP Booklet

The focus of this plugin is on a refined magazine-style display. It uses flip animations and page pop-ups to give a pamphlet or magazine touch in real life. This plugin is a watered down version of Real3D FlipBook. The plugin provides support for the PDF files as well as images. Hence, you can also create a photo flipbook.

Advantages of WP Booklet

  • This plugin contains a lot of templates so it is a good choice for those people who do not want to play with different designs.
  • There is an option of uploading the PDF and image files in bulk.
  • The users can also navigate through the document with the help of page thumbnails.

6. Flowpaper

This plugin is free to use and it offers an advanced-looking WordPress PDF viewer. The controls at the back end of the plugin are not very user-friendly. But if you want a beautiful plugin that is free to use, then this one is a good choice for you; though we do not recommend this plugin to the beginners.

Advantages of Flowpaper

  • This plugin allows you to host the PDF file somewhere else and paste the link on the site. Moreover, you can also upload the PDF file to a website or to the Flowpaper cloud.

7. Vanilla PDF Embed

The user interface of this plugin is very basic and minimal. The plugin is free to use hence you can do page jumping, searching, zooming and printing free of cost.

Why This PDF Viewer Rocks

  • The shortcodes are easy to use.
  • It provides a good reading experience.

8. PDF Viewer

This plugin uses JavaScript, hence it provides a good front-end experience. So, there is no need of installing any additional software for viewing PDF files. Moreover, the plugin also allows page jumping, zooming and bookmarking.

Advantages of PDF Viewer

  • This plugin is supported in WordPress multi-site.
  • In order to search specific spots in the document, you can also look for keywords.

So, these are the top 8 PDF plugins. Moreover, there are also many PDF converters like excel to PDF converter that can help you in converting the files into PDF before uploading on your site. We hope that this article will help you in choosing the best PDF plugin for your WordPress site. If you use any other PDF plugin, please share with us in the comment section below:

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