7 Ways to Use Automation and Boost Your Email Marketing Success

Irrespective of whether you are a B2B or a B2C brand, automating some of your marketing tasks can help you save a lot of time, drive better results, and eventually improve your ROI. Applying automation to email marketing is not a new concept, and when done right can help you communicate and engage your users better. According to a study by Epsilon, automated emails get 119% higher click rates than regular broadcast emails.

Hire email template developers or get free HTML email templates to create automated email campaigns that benefit you by letting you engage with existing customers better and convert potential customers quickly. Automation in emails also allows you to improve efficiency by automating the repetitive tasks associated with customer relationship management and lets you focus on creating and sending personalized and timely emails.

When do you need to implement Automation in Email Campaigns?

For B2B brands:

  • When a potential client has started reading your marketing blogs or follows your brand’s social media accounts
  • When a visitor views your landing page but doesn’t submit the form
  • When a user has downloaded several content pieces from your website and landing pages but never contacted you directly

For B2C brands:

  • When a user has browsed repeatedly on your website or online store, but not added anything to the cart
  • When a potential customer has added items to the cart, but not completed the purchase
  • When a consumer makes a purchase

Automation can be applied across the various stages of your customer journey with emails such as welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, re-engagement emails, feedback emails, survey emails, or promotional emails with relevant offers and deals.

Before you jumpstart your email automation campaign, here are 7 must-haves that help in making the most out of your emails.

1. Create Responsive Email Templates

The success of your email campaign depends majorly on the look of the email and the impression it creates on the users. It is therefore important to have appealing and eye-catchy email designs which can play a huge role in persuading the potential customers to click through to know more about your brand. Hire email template developers to create emails that are responsive and optimized to perform well on multiple devices and systems. The design must render smoothly and offer a wonderful experience, irrespective of the device on which they view it.

2. Automate Customer Service

The right email marketing automation allows you to serve your customers in the best viable way. Setting up trigger emails based on the customers’ behavior, needs and interests is the key. Mailchimp lets you create top-notch automated email campaigns. All you need to do is hire the right MailChimp developers and MailChimp experts who will help you get the desired results.

3. Use Hyper-Personalization 

For your email to look genuine and really build a connection with the users, it is important to give it a personal touch and make it look like it is written by a human. It is also necessary to target the right audience with the right email, at the right time. Automated, personalized emails are highly targeted and relevant to users. Hyper-personalized emails help in improving customer engagement, boost customer retention rate, and make your prospects feel more connected to your brand. Use Salesforce email templates that make use of customers’ past behavior to create highly targeted emails. This is done by tracking the clicks and browsing activities of users and understanding their requirements and needs.

4 Create Segmentation-triggered Emails

One size doesn’t fit all for email campaigns. Segmentation is the key to sending the right email to the right person. Divide and form various segments of your email list based on the users’ demographics, purchase interests, behavior, geographies, etc. Mailchimp offers extensive options for segmentation which helps in improving open rates and reducing unsubscribes and spam rates.

5. Send Helpful Offers and Coupons

Email automation improves the potential to bring new customers onboard and retain older ones. Use the customer data and analytics to send prompt deals and offers that can engage the users better and drive fruitful results for your campaign. Send them relevant coupons and incentives to boost engagement and improve brand loyalty.

6. Track the Email Campaign Performance

In order to know if your automated email campaign is performing well and rendering the desired results, it is necessary to track and measure a few important metrics and parameters. Know intricate details about who read the first welcome email, who came back to your website after opening a cart abandonment email, who clicked on unsubscribe, or who moved forward in the sales funnel due to the automated emails you sent based on their online behaviour. These details can help you make the necessary changes in your email campaign and improve your efforts.

7. Remove Inactive Users and Clean Email Lists

While you are sending amazing emails to your customers, it is also important to clean your email lists from time to time. Send a series of re-engagement emails to the subscribers who have not opened your emails or engaged with your brand over a certain period. While nobody likes to see their customers go, sending a goodbye email to confirm that they no longer want to hear from your brand is essential. Remove inactive users and unsubscribers from your email list to boost your email campaign performance and eventually boost sales.

Benefits of Having an Email Marketing Automation Strategy

  • Increase brand reputation
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Reduce errors and spam
  • Nurture leads and potential customers
  • Re-engage with past customers
  • Save time and money

Looking for support to begin your email automation journey? Get free HTML email templates or hire expert email developers to get started…

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