7 Keys to Writing Killer Facebook Posts That Bring Clicks

Clicks, likes, and shares make your posts spread around the world, bringing better conversion and turning followers into customers. Let’s find out what makes a great Facebook post.

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. We use it every day to communicate with friends and colleagues, search for information, online shops, and events. Facebook can boast of having more than 2 billion active users a day, while other websites like Twitter and Instagram attract 300 and 700 million people accordingly. As such, it is hard to imagine a better advertising platform, where so many eyes will see your brand-related posts. The only problem is that your competitors already know that, so you need to produce something unique and stunning – a real Facebook killer post. Texts have huge marketing potential because they might bring engagement with your target audience.


Users surround themselves with information that reflects their interests. Facebook arranges feeds and suggests posts that fit people’s preferences, basing on their previous actions. However, it is hard to predict what exactly they will see this time. Tons of content will snow on their heads every time, so they will pay particular attention and remember something coinciding with their current emotional state. Facebook tracks emoji people use and show posts that include the same icons. Add some in your posts, and more users will see them.


Considering the fact that people scroll and scan their feed briefly, it is hard to catch their attention. Your content will have to beat thousands of distractions before reaching your audience. That’s why you need a hook, something that will strike them. How to write Facebook posts that get attention? Include an interesting fact, joke, shocking or extraordinary idea. Only eye-catching posts have a chance to be remembered.

One point

Don’t overload your posts with information. If you want to inform your potential buyers about a bargain-sale or discount offer, choose only one subject to describe. Don’t tell them everything about the juicy offers you have, choose a single point, and stick to it. Users won’t remember too many details and will simply skip the post if it is overloaded.


Facebook is a place where people share emotions and personal stories. They want simple and engaging content. Engagement posts talk about motivation and experience, which might be both negative and positive. Sometimes, the negative experience turns to be even more empathic, but only if used wisely.

Positive pitch

As we have mentioned in a previous paragraph, negative experience is no less engaging than positive. However, adding something like this to your posts is risky. Even if you decide to tell people about problems and challenges, make sure that you end it with a positive and motivating pitch. Otherwise, there is a risk of building unpleasant associations in your potential customers’ minds.


Use short sentences, small paragraphs, and simple words. These are essential rules of memorable and eye-catching web content followed by the leading marketers and writers. Use a so-called inverted pyramid format to make it easy to read (start with a list of key points and add the details in the end).

A Story

People like stories and share on Facebook when they find those stories dear to their hearts. Make your marketing posts sound like thrillers, detectives, or humorous novels. This doesn’t mean that you have to compose long texts and invent plots. Sometimes, a couple of words makes a story. Think about a series of stories and you will make people wondering, what’s next. Make them relevant to your business sphere and niche. Don’t forget to add engaging visual content like photos and videos.

It is not that easy to figure out what exactly will work on Facebook for your particular brand. A list of tips above is a general one, so you can use it as a basis and readjust creatively to fit your aims and peculiarities of your business. To gain engagement with your audience, keep some core points in mind: make it short; make it simple; be clear; tell stories. People come to Facebook mostly for entertainment, so make your content lively, emotional, and memorable. Don’t forget about appealing images and videos – this will increase the chances that people will fasten their eyes on your post. Remember, people scroll Facebook with bored faces and heads reclined upon their hands, so make them raise their eyebrows!

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