5 Tips to Build a Buzz With a Pre-Marketing Strategy

A pre-marketing strategy is just like the upwards climb of a roller coaster. Everyone is on edge because they’re anticipating what’s coming, but they don’t actually know what it feels like… yet. If you want to give your audience the same stomach tingling effect, keep reading for 5 tips on how to build a buzz factor for your next pre-marketing strategy!

1: Create a Timeline that builds up to Your Release Date

When strategizing for your pre-marketing efforts, each event, social push, and announcement should help build up anticipation for your release date. Do this by creating a timeline that not only indicates when to post content, but includes how each week or month contributes to the overall image of your product as well. This is a great practice because the outline will clearly define your team’s development and keep everyone focused. Your audience will take notice too. Introducing new elements each week will keep your users interested because they will want to know what’s next? What else can this brand do? How else does this product fit into my life? Take this opportunity to prepare your target audience for the wonderful things your team has in store for them.

2: Leave Them Wanting More

Remember this is a pre-marketing strategy. You don’t want to give away all your cards at once! For now, start to familiarize your users with the concept of your new product. Tease your audience by making posts and sending emails that leave hints on what your product can do. Don’t reveal anything too concrete, instead show your users your product’s potential.

Use your company’s track record to show how successful previous items have been. Your team can allude to similarities or differences in your new line. For example, although there were no major changes to the interface of the iPhone 7, Apple still had the tech world in a frenzy this past summer. Tabloids got wind of the fact that the iPhone 7 would be released without a headphone jack, and that was enough to keep people checking for updates. Although it was confirmed later on, this buzz lead to sold out models of the iPhone 7 plus weeks before the phones hit store.

Generate buzz like this for your new product by revealing small clues early on. Let your audience’s imagination run wild while you confirm or deny the facts later on in the season.

3: Create Interactive Social Posts

The name of the game in today’s digital age is social media.

If you want something to generate buzz and stay relevant, it needs to go on a social platform where users can comment and share your content. For small and medium businesses, there are many options you can employ as well. Interactive social posts will keep your brand in the spotlight because your audience will have the ability to converse. Use promo codes or giveaways to spice things up. Create a hashtag that coincides with your branding. Mehul Rajput of Entrepreneur states, “Remember to keep updating your blog and sharing the posts on social media.” Keep the buzz alive by making sure your team is responding to the comments and engaging with your audience.

4: Remember You’re For the People

When you’ve spent the past couple of months pouring your heart and soul into a new product, it’s easy to get caught up in its allure. Use the pre-marketing period to take a step back and see it with a fresh pair of eyes. These next couple of weeks/months can be used as a testing period. Find out what concepts work best with your users and utilize that information to boost your presence. Your product is for the people and in order to deliver the news in the best possible way, find out what makes them respond!

5: Don’t Forget to Take a Bow

The release date is finally here, which means it’s time for the next step. Once you’ve generated all this talk, your team is ready to launch your full marketing plan. Try some of the digital marketing tactics that are predicted to prevail this year and try to be industry specific. Generating buzz is meant to either drive traffic or sales for your new product. You can now smoothly transition from hints to hardcore facts. Take your bow and get ready for the encore, start selling!

Let’s See the Five Tips Again

1. Create a timeline that includes when to post content and how each step contributes to your overall strategy

2. Tease your audience and leave them wanting more

3. Engage and interact with your audience through social media

4. Remember to get feedback from your audience

5. Transition into your full marketing plan

About the author: Sidney R

Sidney is an editor and copywriter for Top Online Store Builders, covering topics ranging from starting an online store from scratch to all aspects of ecommerce marketing and cyber-security. When not writing, Sidney can be found hiking, traveling or surfing.

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