4 Ways Your Business Can Improve Your Customer Service Approach

Every facet of a business is important. Marketing is essential just as much as accounting is. While each department has a role to play, it’s very important to pay special attention to your company’s customer service approach. Customer service is crucial because you’re dealing with the people who think enough of your product or service to purchase it. The way your customer service department handles a customer can determine whether or not they become stay a one-time buyer or a loyal customer of your tribe. To gain the trust and consistent sales of your customers, you’ll want to invest in the customer service department and improve it in these areas.


Find out what the experience has been like for your customers. Consider creating a brief survey for them to fill out. As you collect data and find out what worked for people, you’re more likely to get a better understanding of what’s expected and desired out of a good customer service team. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how the team can improve.


People don’t like to feel like they’re on hold indefinitely. When they have an issue, they want to be understood, heard and helped. Make sure that you have a team that’s very proactive when it comes to complaints and concerns of the customers. It’d be wise to maintain a social media account to help monitor the conversation. Whether people like or dislike a product or service, they normally take it to social media. Have a customer service rep that keeps a close eye on the online conversation and responds whenever the company is mentioned.

Another thing that you will want to consider when it comes to responsiveness is giving your clients an outlet to review your business. A moving company, for example, might do this by getting customers to review their services and posting them on their site for all to see. Such information could be beneficial to potential clients visiting the site.


Partnerships are essential to the lifeblood of any company. The right partnerships can catapult the sales and profits of both companies involved. It’s also great to have other business affiliates. As a business owner, it’s wise to keep a Rolodex of companies you’d refer your clients to. No, you won’t be referring your competition. For example, if your small business is a real estate agency, you deal with moving clients all the time. Connect with other companies and see if it’s possible to get a discounted price on their services for a referral of each client. This gives the customer incentives and sends business to the partnering company.


Dealing with irate customers is never a fun process. It’s best to become supremely aware of how to treat customers in such a way that solves their problem and keeps your company in the best light possible. The right training will help. Consider hiring consultants to coach the team. Try sending the team to conferences so they can receive the education they need to thrive.

These four tactics will take any company’s customer service department a long way. As long as the team stays perceptive and willing to learn, your company will be in great hands.

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