4 Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

Small businesses need to utilize every tool they can to increase their visibility. While some people may still feel skeptical about using blogging for small businesses, they shouldn’t. A business blog has proven itself time and again as a useful marketing tool just like email marketing and social media. The reason why? Blogs attract attention to whatever products you’re offering.

If you’re considering starting a business blog, go for it. Blogging and publishing content will grow your business in ways you could never have dreamed. A well written and clear, concise blog will increase search visibility, leads and sales – companies who blog receive 97 percent more links to their website. When the blog is hosted on your business website, your business will reap the benefits without spending a lot of money like you would procuring other marketing tools. Take a look at these 4 benefits of business blogging.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

Businesses of all sizes and types want prospective customers to come visit the website. However, it’s not easy to drive traffic without first paying for the traffic. However, if you don’t have enough money it’ll be a struggle to usher new visitors to your site. Small businesses often have insignificant budgets, so for them to flourish they have to utilize innovative ways to attract traffic. That is where a blog comes into play. It’s probably one of the only sections of your website that will change consistently.

Every blog post on your site becomes another indexed page, increasing the chances of your site becoming visible to search engines. The greater the visibility, the more traffic you will get on your website.

Proves You Are an Industry Leader

A high-quality blog helps customers solve problems and answers questions. Each post that leaves your customers’ concerns addressed is a step closer to establishing your business as a reputable one. If writing isn’t your strength, a freelancer or marketing professional can take charge of business blogging to ensure your customers perceive you as an industry leader. Similar to how you learned the best email subject lines to boost open rates, you also want to create blogs about topics that people want to read.

Generates Income

A blog can help you build passive income that can continue to grow as time goes on. Once your blog draws a steady stream of traffic, you can generate income from affiliate marketing and ad sales.

When you naturally incorporate affiliate links in your posts, you may earn a portion of the money that’s made from the sales of the products you promote. Sharing information about the products you love with your readers is a simple way to make passive income. It’s a win-win situation.

Grows Your Audience Through Sharing

A top benefit of blogging is content sharing. When a reader shares your blog post, their friends will see the post and probably want to read it too. Blog shares have the potential to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site. As friends continue to share the blog post over and over across multiple social media platforms, imagine the exponential growth in traffic your business will have.

If you underestimated the true power of blogging, you’re probably seeing how powerful a tool it actually is when it comes to marketing your small business. Helpful content has the potential to compete with or even replace some of the most highly thought of marketing tools for much less money.

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