3 Ways to Improve Your Sales Figures through Translation

You may already be smashing your sales targets, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t scope for further success. Have you considered targeting customers in other countries? There’s a big, wide world out there just waiting to pass judgement on your brand and your products, so why not use these three translation-based engagement strategies to boost your sales revenue?

The Value of Translation

1.5 billion people speak English to some degree. That’s 20% of the world’s population. However, just because people speak English doesn’t mean that they’re happy to shop in English. This is one reason why the translation industry is growing so quickly, as you can read about here in further detail.

According to a European Commission survey of 3,000 internet users spread across ten countries in the EU, 60% of people “rarely or never buy from English-only websites.” Quite simply, people prefer to shop in their own language.

For businesses developing their target marketing strategies, this is a key point. Using translation services and website localization to reach out to customers in other countries can make a major different to your sales figures.

Customer Engagement through Website Translation

The primary way to enhance your sales figures through translation is to translate your company website. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry – every translation agency worth its salt can walk you through how to translate a website, as well as providing talented linguists to help you do so.

When you look at how to translate a web page, it’s interesting to note that there’s far more to the task that meets the eye. If you want to convince customers in another country to buy your products, you need to connect with them and engage them. That means not just translating the copy on your website, but also reshaping it to suit the expectations of the target market.

Localization services can help hugely with this process. They can ensure that the translated copy is localized so that it sounds as though it was written in the target language originally. They can also help with everything from colour schemes to images.about:blank

Say you have an English to Spanish translation, for example. Your localization professional may well recommend replacing the original images on your website with ones that feature Hispanic models instead of English ones.

Such changes can make a notable difference to how positively Hispanic customers respond to your website, and the same is true of other audiences around the world.about:blank

Remember, too, that it’s not just product information that you need to translate but also shipping policies, legal terms and so forth. You’ll also need to confirm that your payment mechanism will work for the new target market.

Using Email Translation to Your Advantage

The ability to translate a web page in such a way as to truly engage foreign audiences is a skill. So is email translation. When you reach out directly to customers in their own language, you can do much to boost sales figures through repeat sales – if you get your messaging right!

With customer emails, it’s important to ensure that language that you use is localized to suit the recipient’s particular region or area. That sort of attention to detail can do much to boost customer engagement and loyalty. Combined with a (perfectly translated) loyalty scheme, it can be a powerful approach.about:blank

It means that when you look for professional translation services to work on your emails, you need to ensure that they can do more than simply translate English to Spanish (for example). As with website translation, they also need to be able to localize your content beautifully and to show an awareness of the kind of marketing language and tactics that generate positive engagement in the target country.

Have You Considered Newsletter Translation?

It’s not just direct customer emails that benefit from professional translation when it comes to increasing your sales figures. Using your website translator to work on translating your newsletter as well can reap substantial benefits.

Whether you’re sharing product information, special offers or updates on your company (or all of these and more), a newsletter can be a great way to connect with potential customers. A newsletter that is laser-focused on the target audience through accurate translation and expert localization can be the ideal way to boost your business.

Incorporating knowledge of local customs and celebrations into your marketing activities is an excellent way to connect with your target audience. Newsletters are the ideal means of doing this. They’re also a great way to start conversations, advertise competitions and generally drum up business – provided they are translated and localized so well that they read as though they were originally written in the target language.

Are you ready to improve your sales figures through translation? These ideas should give you plenty to go on. Now, it’s up to you to go out there and start engaging with those new customers!

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